As MEMS systems continue to get smaller in size, laser machining becomes more and more essential to the manufacturing process of these parts. We have experience in cutting microgears, dicing micromirrors and machining components for microsensors. Additionally, we can create micro through substrate vias or through silicon vias (TSV’s) to allow for chip stacking.

Laser machining creates the edge quality necessary for today’s complex MEMS applications. With the ability to utilize rapid pulse technology, we are able to reduce or eliminate the heat affected zones often associated with laser processing. Highly polished wafers used in sensor applications or micromirror applications are not damaged by processing and can be machined to extremely small dimensions. Our advanced machining systems allow us to process various ceramic wafers, including sapphire, silicon & fused silica.

Our current systems are capable of cutting and drilling features smaller than 5um. With the recent installation and integration of new technologies, we anticipate refining this capability to the single micron level and beyond. As MEMS technology demands greater precision, Laser Light Technologies is developing economical and practical micromachining solutions to serve the industry.